Nocturia Reviews

Nocturia (waking from sleep at night to void) is one of the most common and bothersome urinary symptoms. Nocturia is associated with impaired quality of life and is a significant cause of sleep disruption. Cross-sectional studies suggest that the prevalence of nocturia increases with age. A number of additional risk factors for nocturia have been identified, suggesting a multifactorial etiology.

Little is known, however, about patterns of progression and remission of nocturia over time. The impact of nocturia on falls, fractures and mortality also remains unclear. We will therefore conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses of longitudinal studies of the general population and primary care practices to explore the onset, progression and remission of nocturia. Accurate estimates of progression and remission without treatment will facilitate shared, informed decision-making about the initiation of therapeutic options between patients and healthcare providers. Furthermore, we will also conduct systematic reviews and meta-analyses on the impact of nocturia on falls, fractures and risk of death.

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