Prof Mohit Bhandari delivered the 4th CLUE Working Group lecture on “Think Bigger: The New Culture of Surgical Trials”

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Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Canada Research Chair in Evidence-Based Orthopaedics Mohit Bhandari from McMaster University delivered the 4th CLUE Working Group lecture, entitled “Think Bigger: The New Culture of Surgical Trials” at the Think Corner (Tiedekulma) of the University of Helsinki (Yliopistonkatu 4) on April 9, 2019.

The lecture is freely available online here, via the CLUE Working Group YouTube channel.

For over two decades, Mohit Bhandari has challenged surgeons around the world to ‘think bigger’. Having failed many more times than he has succeeded, Dr. Bhandari embraces risk with every new study. The transition from a paradigm of small surgical trials to one, which promotes and supports larger, international studies has had numerous challenges. Developing a ‘big think’ approach is not simply about enrolling more patients; rather, it begins with a major shift in mindset about what questions matter and how we, as researchers and clinicians, find creative solutions to difficult problems. In this new era, trials must be lead with humility, collaboration, passion and creativity —accepting failures as learning, and not as defeats.

Dr. Bhandari currently serves as Professor and Academic Head of the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery at McMaster University. He also holds a Canada Research Chair in Evidence-Based Orthopaedic Surgery. He serves as Associate Chair, Research for the Department of Surgery and holds a unique distinction of ‘University Scholar’ at McMaster University. His research focuses upon improving the lives of individuals experiencing trauma. Dr. Bhandari’s commitment to evidence-based practice, high quality globally relevant research and translation of evidence to patient care has garnered him recent induction into the Province of Ontario’s highest civilian honor: the Order of Ontario and most recently the Canada’s highest honor – The Order of Canada.