Too Much Medicine Symposium prominently featured three CLUE members, and attracted widespread media attention

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The XXIX Paulo Symposium, “Too Much Medicine”, was organized from August 15 to 17 in Helsinki, Finland. The international Symposium was facilitated by the CLUE Working Group, in conjunction with Finnish Centre for Evidence-Based Orthopedics (FICEBO).

The Symposium brought together an outstanding group of internationally renowned scientific experts to promote increased awareness of the problems related to medical excess and to identify the best sustainable evidence-based medical practices. The event was a great success, attracting medical professionals from across the world as well as public members and journalists. The Symposium also attracted a significant amount of media attention.

Three CLUE Working Group members (Drs. Allen Frances, Gordon Guyatt and Kari Tikkinen) were prominently featured in the Symposium across several sessions, and were vocal in addressing bias, overdiagnosis and overtreatment through numerous media channels. See below to access their media articles and interviews:

Selected media coverage:

  1. Gordon Guyatt on the Recommended Dose podcast, with Ray Moynihan – sponsored by Cochrane Australia. (English)
  2. Kari Tikkinen and Paul Glasziou on Finnish Medical Journal: “Is overdiagnosis the main cause of rising medical costs?”. (Finnish)
  3. Kari Tikkinen and Alan Cassels in Helsingin Sanomat: “Pharmaceutical marketing feeds us unnecessary drugs”. (Finnish)
  4. Allen Frances on MTV3: “Mental health problems are being overdiagnosed”. (Finnish)
  5. Kari Tikkinen and Elina Hemminki on MTV3 Good Morning Finland (live TV show): “Are we over-medicated?”. (Finnish)