JAMA Internal Medicine Editor-in-Chief Rita Redberg delivered 3rd CLUE Working Group lecture on “How less health care can (sometimes) be better for you”

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JAMA Internal Medicine Editor-in-Chief and Professor of Cardiology Rita Redberg from UCSF gave the 3rd CLUE Working Group lecture, entitled “How less health care can (sometimes) be better for you”, at the Think Corner of the University of Helsinki.

The event was covered by academic and public media organizations, including:

  1. The National Broadcasting Company (YLE) ScienceOne (Tiedeykkönen) – 45-Minute Podcast featuring Rita Redberg and Kari Tikkinen. Freely available here.
  2. Hufvudstadsbladet – largest Swedish-speaking newspaper in Finland. Freely available here.
  3. Finnish Medical Journal. Freely available here.

The lecture is freely available online here, via the CLUE Working Group YouTube channel.