FICEBO and CLUE Working Group to host the Paolo Foundation Symposium on “Too Much Medicine” in Helsinki in summer 2018


  • Finnish Centre for Evidence-Based Orthopedics (FICEBO)
  • CLUE Working Group

Chair: Prof. Teppo Jarvinen

Secretary Generals: Adjunct Prof. Kari Tikkinen & Dr. Jarno Rutanen

Scheduled for: Wednesday, August 15 – Friday, August 17, 2018.

Planned Speakers:

  • Iona Heath (Editor, The BMJ)
  • Gordon Guyatt (Distinguished Professor, McMaster University)
  • Victor Montori (Professor, Mayo Clinic)
  • Paul Glasziou (Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine, Bond University)
  • Robert Whitaker (Journalist)
  • Rachelle Buchbinder (Director, Monash Department of Clinical Epidemiology)
  • Allen Frances (Chair, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 4th Rev. [DSM-IV] Task Force)
  • Andrew Carr (Professor, University of Oxford)
  • Gary Schwitzer (Academic/Creator/Publisher, HealthNewsReview)
  • Lisa Schwartz (Co-Director, Dartmouth Institute Medicine & Media Programs)
  • Steve Woloshin (Co-Director,Dartmouth Institute Medicine & Media Programs)
  • Alan Cassels (Drug Policy Researcher, University of Victoria)
  • James McCormack (Professor, University of British Columbia)

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