CLUE member Robin Vernooij featured in Cochrane’s “30 under 30”

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CLUE member Robin Vernooij was interviewed by Cochrane as part of its “30 under 30” initiative.

Many of Cochrane’s contributors are young people working as researchers, citizen scientists, medical students, and volunteer language translators. Cochrane’s “30 under 30” campaign recognizes the work of this generation of contributors.

Click here to access Robin Vernooij’s featured interview.

CLUE member Riikka Tähtinen successfully defended her PhD thesis on urinary incontinence at the University of Helsinki

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CLUE Working Group member, urogynecologist Riikka Tähtinen successfully defended on Dec 5th her thesis “The Impact of Women’s Smoking, Obesity and Mode of Delivery on Urinary Incontinence” at the University of Helsinki.

Opponent was Prof. Ian Milsom from the University of Gothenburg and Custos of the public examination was Prof Ossi Rahkonen (Helsinki). Thesis was supervised by CLUE Working Group Steering  Committee members Kari Tikkinen (Helsinki) and Rufus Cartwright (Oxford).

The thesis is available in English here.

The newsstory by the University of Helsinki in Finnish here.

Thesis was also covered by the leading newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, in Finnish here.


Prior to the public examination at the Women’s Hospital, Helsinki University Hospital. Right to left: Rufus Cartwright (Supervisor), Prof Ossi Rahkonen (Custos), Riikka Tähtinen (Doctoral Candidate), Prof Ian Milsom (Opponent), and Kari Tikkinen (Supervisor).
Audience standing in the beginning of the public examination in the Seth Wichman auditorium.

Opponent, Custos and Doctoral Candidate, prior to the the public examination.

Ian Milsom and Riikka Tähtinen at the dinner table.

Prof Ian Milsom delivering a speech at the academic dinner party.
PhD dissertation Supervisors and Doctoral Candidate. Right to left: Rufus Cartwright (Supervisor), Riikka Tähtinen (Doctoral Candidate), Kari Tikkinen (Supervisor).

Knowledge translation video for EAU Guideline on Thromboprophylaxis in Urological Surgery now freely available


CLUE Working Group Principal Investigator Kari Tikkinen gave live UROwebinar lecture entitled “Thromboprophylaxis in patients undergoing urological surgery”. 

Video is freely available on YouTube here.

Too Much Medicine Symposium prominently featured three CLUE members, and attracted widespread media attention

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The XXIX Paulo Symposium, “Too Much Medicine”, was organized from August 15 to 17 in Helsinki, Finland. The international Symposium was facilitated by the CLUE Working Group, in conjunction with Finnish Centre for Evidence-Based Orthopedics (FICEBO).

The Symposium brought together an outstanding group of internationally renowned scientific experts to promote increased awareness of the problems related to medical excess and to identify the best sustainable evidence-based medical practices. The event was a great success, attracting medical professionals from across the world as well as public members and journalists. The Symposium also attracted a significant amount of media attention.

Three CLUE Working Group members (Drs. Allen Frances, Gordon Guyatt and Kari Tikkinen) were prominently featured in the Symposium across several sessions, and were vocal in addressing bias, overdiagnosis and overtreatment through numerous media channels. See below to access their media articles and interviews:

Selected media coverage:

  1. Gordon Guyatt on the Recommended Dose podcast, with Ray Moynihan – sponsored by Cochrane Australia. (English)
  2. Kari Tikkinen and Paul Glasziou on Finnish Medical Journal: “Is overdiagnosis the main cause of rising medical costs?”. (Finnish)
  3. Kari Tikkinen and Alan Cassels in Helsingin Sanomat: “Pharmaceutical marketing feeds us unnecessary drugs”. (Finnish)
  4. Allen Frances on MTV3: “Mental health problems are being overdiagnosed”. (Finnish)
  5. Kari Tikkinen and Elina Hemminki on MTV3 Good Morning Finland (live TV show): “Are we over-medicated?”. (Finnish)

JAMA Internal Medicine Editor-in-Chief Rita Redberg to deliver 3rd CLUE Working Group lecture on “How less health care can (sometimes) be better for you”

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Lecture Title: How Less Health Care Can (Sometimes) Be Better For You: Promoting High Value Care.

Date: Tuesday, April 24th, 2018.

Time: 06:30pm.

Location: Think Corner (Tiedekulma) at the University of Helsinki. Click here for more information regarding Think Corner, and here for more information regarding the event.


Please click here for Editor-in-Chief Rita Redberg’s podcast for The BMJ at the Preventing Overdiagnosis 2017 Conference.


Dr Redberg’s research interests are in our use of medical procedures and devices. She studies the regulatory process for medical devices and the strength of evidence that supports them, particularly high-risk devices, both before and after they are marketed. She is a strong proponent of high-quality data to support safety and effectiveness for medical devices, in order to provide the best quality and appropriate medical care and advice. Dr Redberg has testified before Congress multiple times on these issues.

She is the Editor-in-Chief of JAMA Internal Medicine, a highly ranked international medical journal, and spearheaded the Less is More series highlighting areas of health care with no benefit. Dr Redberg also serves on the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, which advises Congress on medical payment policy.

Dr. Redberg has written, edited and contributed to many books, including “You Can Be a Woman Cardiologist,” “Heart Healthy: The Step-by-Step Guide to Preventing and Healing Heart Disease,” and “Coronary Disease in Women: Evidence-Based Diagnosis and Treatment.”

For more information regarding Editor-in-Chief Rita Redberg, please click here.

Keynote Lecture “EAU Guidelines on Thromboprophylaxis in Urological Surgery” at the 105th Japanese Urological Association Meeting in Kagoshima, Japan

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Keynote Lecture entitled “EAU Guidelines on Thromboprophylaxis in Urological Surgery”

Presented by Kari Tikkinen at the 105th Japanese Urological Association (JUA) Meeting in Kagoshima, Japan.

Click here to access the presentation as a PDF.

For more information regarding the 105th JUA Meeting:

ROTBUS Cancer featured on Medscape


Thrombosis and Bleeding Risks Vary Across Urological Cancer Surgeries

By: Will Boggs, MD

Click here for link to full-text Medscape article.

FICEBO and CLUE Working Group to host the Paolo Foundation Symposium on “Too Much Medicine” in Helsinki in summer 2018


Chair: Prof. Teppo Jarvinen

Secretary Generals: Adjunct Prof. Kari Tikkinen & Dr. Jarno Rutanen

Scheduled for: Wednesday, August 15 – Friday, August 17, 2018.

Planned Speakers:

Click here to access the Too Much Medicine website.

Click here for more information regarding the Paolo International Medical Symposium.

ROTBUS Cancer featured on EurekAlert


Clot or bleeding? Anticoagulants walk the line between two risks.

Click here for link to full-text EurekAlert article.

Principal Investigator Kari Tikkinen receives two-year Sigrid Juselius Foundation and 2017 Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District grants of 130,000 euros for CLUE Working Group

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For more information regarding Sigrid Juselius grant:

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ROTBUS Cancer featured on Medscape

17 Apr. 2017 · Media

ROTBUS Cancer featured on EurekAlert

23 Mar. 2017 · Media