CLUE member Riikka Tähtinen successfully defended her PhD thesis on urinary incontinence at the University of Helsinki

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CLUE Working Group member, urogynecologist Riikka Tähtinen successfully defended on Dec 5th her thesis “The Impact of Women’s Smoking, Obesity and Mode of Delivery on Urinary Incontinence” at the University of Helsinki.

Opponent was Prof. Ian Milsom from the University of Gothenburg and Custos of the public examination was Prof Ossi Rahkonen (Helsinki). Thesis was supervised by CLUE Working Group Steering  Committee members Kari Tikkinen (Helsinki) and Rufus Cartwright (Oxford).

The thesis is available in English here.

The newsstory by the University of Helsinki in Finnish here.

Thesis was also covered by the leading newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, in Finnish here.


Prior to the public examination at the Women’s Hospital, Helsinki University Hospital. Right to left: Rufus Cartwright (Supervisor), Prof Ossi Rahkonen (Custos), Riikka Tähtinen (Doctoral Candidate), Prof Ian Milsom (Opponent), and Kari Tikkinen (Supervisor).
Audience standing in the beginning of the public examination in the Seth Wichman auditorium.

Opponent, Custos and Doctoral Candidate, prior to the the public examination.

Ian Milsom and Riikka Tähtinen at the dinner table.

Prof Ian Milsom delivering a speech at the academic dinner party.
PhD dissertation Supervisors and Doctoral Candidate. Right to left: Rufus Cartwright (Supervisor), Riikka Tähtinen (Doctoral Candidate), Kari Tikkinen (Supervisor).